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Choose from a number of fruit juices, smoothies, beers, wine, sangria, and mimosa from our beverages menu. At Speggtacular, we are always ready to serve you a delicious beverage with your breakfast or lunch. 

Have a refreshing beverage with your meal

Visit our restaurant today and take advantage of our 10 years of experience in

food service.

Enjoy our variety of fruit juices, smoothies, and alcoholic beverages

Fruit Juice and Beverages

Blueberry or strawberry or raspberry or kiwi

Apple, Cranberry or Orange juice

Fresh squeezed Orange or Grapefruit juice

1 litre of Orange juice

1 litre of fresh squeezed Orange juice


Ice Coffee


Hot tea

Hot chocolate

Infusion of herbs

Ice Tea


Chocolate milk

Soft drinks

Tomato juice/V-8


Ask your server for our selection


Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon


Made with Juame Serra Cristalino Brut and OJ

Bloody Mary's


Vodka and Cranberry Juice


Tutti Frutti

100% healthy - Orange juice, fresh fruit, cottage cheese, toast or bagel


Alcoholic Beverages

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